Business Formation Plan

Start At The Beginning

Our Business Formation Plan is meant to help ease the entry into Vermont's cannabis industry.  Designed primarily for those establishing new cannabis-related companies, this plan will assist clients in getting their visions off the ground.  

Are You Ready For Your Dreams To Become Reality?

The Business Formation Plan includes the following services:

  • Formation and Registration of Limited Liability Company/Partnership within the State of Vermont
  • Procurement of Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) 
  • Trademark Registration with the State of Vermont (optional)
  • Registered Agent service for clients' companies for one year
  • Thirty minutes unbilled phone/email consultation per month for one year
  • 20% off regular hourly rate for all other legal services

Looking Ahead

Unlike our other service plans, the Business Formation Plan is priced as a one-time fee to assist new businesses in getting off the ground.  After the first year, clients are encouraged to explore whether transitioning to either our Consulting or Compliance Plans makes sense for their business.