Consultation Plan

Good Advice

Consultation Plan

Our Consultation Plan is designed for clients seeking guidance and advice as they grow their businesses.  The cannabis industry brings with it many unique and novel challenges.  Vermont Cannabis Solutions’ Consultation Plan provides answers to the questions that matter the most to our clients.

At the Ready

At the ready and available for any Cannabis-related issue

The Consultation Plan included the following services, and renews on an annual basis:

  • 1 hr of unbilled time phone/email/meeting per month for 12 months
  • Immediate availability to represent clients in any cannabis related-issue
  • Immediate availability to represent clients in administrative or regulatory State matters
  • 20% off regular hourly rate for all other legal services
  • Monthly newsletter with all relevant updates
  • Full analysis and explanation of all applicable Federal and State laws & regulations
  • Free Escrow Services

Peace of Mind

Knowing you are prepared

The Consultation Plan allows our clients the freedom to pursue their dream, confident that when the inevitable speed bumps occur, Vermont Cannabis Solutions will be there by their sides.

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